Japan Tsu Shin -Ramen Series – MENYA HANABI

Menya Hanabi – What is Mazesoba?

Step into Menya Hanabi’s first outlet in Sri Petaling and you will realise that you are not there for the fancy décor or immersive experience. It is all about the noodles, just like the original in Nagoya which still has only 12 seats and there is always a queue.

What all this is about is Nagoya style Mazesoba, a dry tossed noodle in the style of ja jiang mien or mi pok. In Nagoya it is called Ganso Taiwan Mazesoba with Menya Hanabi Takabata as the original menya serving this.

The Mazesoba is served with a special kind of noodle made in house for the dish. It is a thick, straight wheat noodle. The term soba is more usually associated with cut buckwheat noodles but this is not the case here. The noodle is somewhat thinner and firmer than udon.

The primary ingredient is their signature spicy minced meat. In Malaysia, the recipe is slightly different as it is pork only as opposed to beef and pork in Japan. To it is added spring onions, leek, seaweed, radish and fish powder. The last is bonito that is grilled and ground to give even more umami to the dish. Finally a raw egg yolk is used to bind it all, like a carbonara.

Then you can add extra toppings like shio tamago (soft centered egg), toroniku(belly char siu) and doniku(cubed char siu). The Mazesoba DX is fully loaded and that is what we ordered.

The beautifully ordered bowl quickly becomes a wonderful ooey, gooey mess of noodles coated in egg and mince with all kinds of condiments stuck on. Don’t worry about getting an even mix and just slurp up the thick flavorful noodles. If you seem to have lots of ingredients left in the bowl, you can just ask for rice (oimeshi) which is provided without additional charge.

After trying the mazesoba as served, you can then reach for the bottle of kombu vinegar to tweak the flavour to your desire. The tartness helps to cut the fat from the mince and charsiu.

Menya Hanabi offers more conventional soup ramen in a distinctive style which they call…Nagoya Ramen. The noodle used is a medium thickness wavy ramen which is served with an unusual broth made from pork, chicken and fish that is quite distinct from tonkotsu or torichintan. To this they add their spicy minced meat, seaweed, spring onions and leeks along with any of their many optional toppings. Shio and shoyu ramen is also available if you prefer a lighter experience.

Ramen is always associated with gyoza or pot sticker dumplings and theirs were correctly boiled and pan seared with aromatic pork mince filling. Try it with the kombu vinegar.

Menya Hanabi is very much a noodle shop and you really must come here for the noodles. Especially the mazesoba.

My tip for going to the Sri Petaling Branch is to park in the multi-storey car park behind the shop as there is very limited on street parking and it is extremely hard to find an open lot.

Sri Petaling: No.16, Jalan Radin Bagus 6, Bandar Baru Sri Petaling, 57000 KL
Arkadia: Unit E-G-03A, Block Eaton, Plaza Arkadia, No. 3, Jalan Intisari Perdana, Desa Parkcity, 52200 KL
11:30am-3pm (11am-3pm on weekends), 6pm-10pm closed on Tuesdays
03-9054 6163