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Japanese-inspired alkaline boutique water infused with love and positive energy


We consume it every day, hot or cold, in its pure form, flavoured with fruits or brewed with coffee beans or tealeaves. Drinking water is such an intrinsic part of everyday life (and survival) that it is not something one even thinks about — we just do it. But one man didn’t just think about water, he studied it for 30 years and changed the way we look at this essential liquid.
83EN-Thisiswater-20150919_A_8438176-Jayce-NOBRANDDr Masaru Emoto is best known as the author of Messages from Water, a photographic collection published in 1999 that supported Dr Emoto’s theory that intention and human consciousness can affect the molecular structure of water. In short, water that has been subjected to positive and healing actions is better, cleaner water. So why should the rest of us care? Consider this: The human body is made up of at least 70 % water. If we are what we eat, we’re also what we drink. You could be watching your food intake, but are you drinking water just as sensibly? Quantity is important while quality is paramount.
Just ask Jayce Izumi, the founder of a boutique alkaline water namely This is Water who hails from Gunma prefecture, who has been living around Asia for more than a decade. One thing that bugged him as he travelled around the region was how difficult it is to find good quality water. Check the labels on the bottled drinking water and you will see that most are pH7 or below, making them acidic or neutral at best. “Think about it, even our blood is alkaline.” Contrastingly, our diets and lifestyle habits like stress and late nights cause acid levels in the body to spike.
Inspired by Dr Emoto’s research and driven by his personal health and fitness philosophies, Jayce Izumi wanted to make artisan alkaline water an easily accessible.
This Is Water is sold in 100 % BPA-free plastic bottles, “We initially wanted to use glass bottles but then we found out that the recycling rate for glass items in Malaysia is less than 2%,” says Jayce. We didn’t want our product to end up creating more waste and we are looking at a 100% biodegradable packaging in the near future”.
Granted, there will be those who think that alkaline diets are little more than fads. Jayce takes a pragmatic approach to those who question the benefits of This Is Water. “It’s not magic water. The basis of what we do is that the body is capable of healing itself and since it’s made up of at least 70 per cent water, why not feed yourself the best and cleanest water available?,” he reasons. “Whether you believe in what we do or not or whether you’re drinking This Is Water or others, what’s more important is what you believe and what’s in your mind. You could be drinking good water but if you’re thinking destructive thoughts, you negate the positive effects. As far as we’re concerned, there’s no harm in creating and delivering the best product possible.





This is Water
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